About Us

[Our Mission ✨]

A Quality PPE Provider

We focus on quality PPE with our rigorous vetting and due diligence process and manufacturer in FDA registered facilities. Check out the FAQ or FDA listing link in the product information section for more details!

An Accessible, Fast, and Supportive Purchase (or Process)

We provide fast shipping (1-3 Day US & 3-5 Day to LATAM), amazing customer service (Our team is always here to help, and if in doubt check our reviews :) ), and anyone is able to purchase!

A Team Dedicated to Health

Quality Product, Amazing Service, and a Positive Impactful all start with a dedicated and caring team. Founded by passionate biotech entrepreneurs, we are first and foremost responsible American and global citizens and are here to help play a small role in protecting others. With a team of additional students from a diverse set of backgrounds as well as those on the ground, we value inclusive and intentional impact, service, and attention.

A Positive Impact

We want to empower everyone (and especially those who aren't as fortunate to do so at this time) to take charge of their well-being. This is why we donate 10% of total sales to various organizations in need of PPE around the country. We are passionate about paying it forward where we have donated to Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, First Responders, Low-Income Communities (community centers, health care centers, etc..), Family Service Centers, Small Businesses, Nursing Homes, At-Home Healthcare Providers, and other individuals in need through these partnerships, all thanks to you! While Forward Health constantly develops new initiatives, this ambition remains at the center of our entire business.

We are amazed and grateful to be with all of the organizations we work with and are extremely appreciative of our customers for helping us take a small part in contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

We have previously supported and partnered with the following organizations:

Any donation would be greatly appreciated as well, which can be done through our page or here. Click the logo's below to learn about each organization's mission as well!

We're always looking for new institutions in need of donations. Contact us here.

😁 Making and delivering PEE accessibly, easily, and well. Always with compassion and love.